Fretz HMR-5 Small Embossing Hammer

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Fretz HMR-5 Small Embossing Hammer Description

This is the Fretz Large Hammer HMR-5-Small Embossing, with a handle length of 225mm (8-7/8′) and a hammer head length of 75mm (3′) The hardened stainless steel heads are polished to perfection, and the rosewood handles have a special finish that feels downright sensual. No kidding, the rosewood handles and finished so well that they just plain feel good in you hand. The balance is perfect, and the polished stainless steel surface is exceptional. Fretz hammers are remarkable for two primary features: The Handles Fretz Rosewood Handles. Made from African Padauk, a type of Rosewood, the Fretz handle has a marvelous feel, smooth and perfectly balanced. Each weight of hammer has an appropriate sized handle, the heavier the head, the heavier the handle. The rosewood is usually a dark brown color although some handles will have a lighter color as Fretz will occasionally source a lighter shaded recycled Asian Padauk. No matter what the shade is, you won’t find a better handle on any hammer made today. The Heads Fretz 420 Stainless Steel Heads. Fretz casts the hammer heads in 420 stainless steel and then hardened to 50Rc. They are highly polished and available in a variety of shapes and profiles for every metalsmithing technique.

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In which, the product-range from the well-known allows you to select the Fretz HMR-5 Small Embossing Hammer to each taste as well as budget (both cheap and also premium-class) conference the highest requirements.


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